Install Software v. Insta-Play

In general, Internet-based casinos allow individuals to engage in games in two ways. They can play instantly through a casino’s site. Players can also elect to play games after they download a website’s client. Online casinos employ up-to-the-minute technology to ensure both playing alternatives are safe. But there are variances between them, however.


Advantages of Installing a Website’s Software

Once you install the required software, you will be able to load the games you enjoy, including internet slots, straightaway. Just about every Internet casino has software that installs only what has to be loaded before a person can enjoy games, meaning the download is not too big. When you initially play a game, the game will automatically be installed by a site’s client. People musn’t install a game again once the game has been downloaded to play the game on later occasions.

After you download the required software, you can be sure you will enjoy the best gaming experience a website can provide you, too. Generally, the installed software is what makes it possible for you to play all of the games an online casino has. If you plan to play video poker online, you will realize it’s easier to do so by installing the software as this will prevent you from having to download the game every single time you play it.


Disadvantages to the Client

Using a website’s client differs from playing games in your browser because you have to set-up the client before playing a game. If you lack much experience with installing programs on your computer, you shouldn’t worry. You can find easily understandable instructions to install software from any of the Internet’s leading online casinos and poker sites by visiting,

If you are going to employ more than 1 computer, a second disadvantage of using a web-based casino’s software exists – you must install the software on all of the computers you intend to play games on. If you tend to use multiple computers, it might be more appropriate to play games with an Internet casino’s in-browser play option.

Pros of Playing Instantly in your Web Browser

A website will not make you install its client in the event you choose to play games like real money slots using its instant play option. In order to play instantly, just visit the site of your choosing and log in. After you are logged in, you’ll be able to see a list of games you can play with real cash.


In Browser Play Cons

When compared to playing with downloaded software, playing with the in-browser option has a couple of disadvantages. For instance, you can’t play every game a site has instantly. In order to play some games, the site will make it necessary for you to install its client first.

You usually have to have Java or Flash before using in-browser play. If you don’t have the appropriate software installed on your computer, you won’t be able to utilize the instant play feature till you load what you need to for your present browser.

Additionally, you’ll need to wait until a download is finished each time you want to play games via a site’s instant feature.
Typically, only Internet casinos have in-browser play features. Nearly every poker website requires that its software be installed before you can to be in its poker games or tournaments. If you are interested in playing poker at the best website available, we urge you to download PokerStars from to get the best bonus available.


There are pros and negatives affiliated with the download and in browser playing options offered to you. If you’re visiting a casino for the first time, we think it’s a good idea for you to begin your visit by trying the site’s in-browser play feature. By trying in-browser play first, people are able to get a taste of most of the games a site hosts before downloading the website’s software.

If a person plans to return to a website again and again, we suggest the person to install the site’s software package. Installing the required software will make it possible for you to use a site’s enhanced features and enjoy its various games. By identifying a link to a casino’s software on your computer, you can start playing whenever you want to almost instantly.

You can participate in the games you prefer over others without concerning yourself with technical problems when you download an online casino’s client. Generally, you need Flash or Java to play with a site’s in browser play option. If you have a non-current version of Java or Flash, or you don’t have one or the other of them altogether, you might be forced to load a recent version of one of them to be a part of any game using instant play. And that process may be more laborious than downloading a site’s own software package would be.

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